Club Alpbach Zurich hosts high-level public discussions and exclusive fireside talks throughout the year.
The events follow the general topic of the European Forum Alpbach.
In 2020, we are exploring the fundamentals of society, economics and digitalization.

2020: Fundamentals

Fundamentals are the roots that make our society flourish or stall. On a democratic and regulatory level, they include our human rights such as the inviolability of human dignity, freedom of expression, the right to free elections and minority rights. On the scientific and academic level, they include freedom of expression, independent teaching, transparency and accountability. From ethical challenges in medicine and technology all the way to AI and the breach of the public’s trust through fake news and hate speech on the Internet – over the past five years, our social fundamentals have become increasingly shaky.

Money is Dead! Long Live Crypto!
Cancelled due to Coronavirus!

26. March 2020, 18:00
Universitätstrasse 2

Panel Discussion with Experts from Policy, Industry and Research

Negative interest rates, spiking gold prices, the creeping elimination of cash… the fundamentals of our monetary system are being undone at this very moment. Yet in the wake of the financial crisis an alternative was born: Bitcoin, a blockchain based digital currency.

But is this technology really an alternative to our current monetary system or merely a supplementary upgrade? How do visionaries from academia and industry see the technology evolve? Can it ever be an enabler of individual freedom? What about the many potential technological disadvantages? And what about the omnipresent risk of global surveillance?

Club Alpbach Zurich invites you to discuss these questions and many more with our distinguished speakers.

2019: Liberty and Security

The bouncing back of liberalism post 1945 in Western and post 1989 in Eastern Europe led many to believe that liberal democracy and market economy had become the only game in town. And that on the wings of globalisation it would pervade the whole world. But this is not the case. Who or what is the midwife of current new waves of political illiberalism, economic protectionism and the obsession with security, often at the detriment of liberty? When and why did we give up on striking a fair balance between liberty and security?

Liberty and Security in the Digital Age

9. May 2019, 18:00
Leonhardstrasse 21

Panel Discussion with Experts from Policy, Industry and Research

How could Switzerland retaliate against a potential attack against its upcoming e-voting system? In a broader frame, this comes down to whether the possibilities of cyber-warfare will prove to be a great equalizer on the geopolitical battlefield, or whether they further cement the position of global players. The difficulty of pin-pointing the origin of cyber-attacks additionally opens new and uncharted territory in international law and defence strategy. These questions will be discussed with a high-level panel of speakers from industry, research and academia.

Club Alpbach Zurich invites you to discuss these questions and many more with our distinguished speakers.