Club Alpbach Zurich hosts events throughout the year, which are aligned with the general topic of the European Forum Alpbach. This year’s series of discussions and fireside talks are held within the overall theme of “Liberty and Security”.

Liberty and Security in the Digital Age

Panel Discussion with Experts from Policy, Industry and Research

9. May 2019, 18:00
Room E 101, Building LEE
Leonhardstrasse 21, 8092 Zurich

Liberty and Security in the Digital World

How could Switzerland retaliate against a potential attack against its upcoming e-voting system? In a broader frame, this comes down to whether the possibilities of cyber-warfare will prove to be a great equalizer on the geopolitical battlefield, or whether they further cement the position of global players. The difficulty of pin-pointing the origin of cyber-attacks additionally opens new and uncharted territory in international law and defence strategy. These questions will be discussed with a high-level panel of speakers from industry, research and academia.

Hans-Wilhelm Dünn is a German cyber-security expert and politician. Educated at Potsdam university, he went on to serve in the Ministry of Economics and the private sector, being appointed the boards of numerous companies. He co-founded the German Cyber-Security Council in 2012. In his function as general secretary of the council, he advises the German government on cyber-security related questions. For the past five years, he has also been active in politics, following his election to the city council of Potsdam, on a ticket of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU).

Thomas Dullien is a computer security expert who has been working with Google’s Project Zero. Following his education at Bochum University, he went on to found his first company, which focused on software analysis and was later acquired by Google. He is known for his contributions to identifying previously unknown malware programs and has also been active in reverse-engineering software code. He left Google at the beginning of this year to pursue his newest venture, a cloud services company named Optymize.

Marie Baezner is a researcher in the cyber-defence team of the Center for Security Studies. Educated at the University of Geneva and later at the university of Bath, she has previously worked for the Command Support Basis of the Swiss Armed Forces and for the Swiss Armed Forces Peace Support Mission in Kosovo. Her recent research focuses on cyber-incidents and cyber aspects in current conflicts.