The European Forum Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach is a conference held every summer, in the last two weeks of August, in the Austrian village of Alpbach. Established in 1945, it has since hosted Nobel Prize laureates, international politicians and artists from all over the world. The forum was created as an intellectual platform of discussion where Europe’s cultural, scientific and humanitarian heritage could be developed in a future-oriented way and where European integration could be promoted.

The European Forum Alpbach 2019 will be held from 14.-30. August in Alpbach, Austria

A seminar week first covers a broad range of topics closely related to each years general topic. Investment bankers from Goldman-Sachs talking on Ethics in Finance or gynecologists from Harvard Medical School promoting reproductive rights are among the most memorable.

Next, specific symposia cover technology, politics, economics and finance. The panels offered during these events are characterized by the high-ranking selection of speakers. In 2018, the presidents of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Kosovo met during a historic discussion on the future of the Balkans, former UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon

Finally, the cultural program offered during the forum seeks to please a wide range of taste: If the Alpbach Choir performing in the village church is not for you, then perhaps an Alphorn mixing with the sounds of an electric guitar might be. As another example, in 2018, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts of London performed Shakespeare and some more modern pieces on the balcony of the Gemeindeamt every day at noon.