Club Alpbach Switzerland

European Forum Alpbach 2021

“The Great Transformation”

Due to ongoing fear of the pandemic,
the Forum will be held in a hybrid digital-physical form.
Club Alpbach Switzerland is the central hub for all Swiss events of the Forum this year.


We grant full scholarships for young people to attend the European Forum Alpbach in Austria. A call for applications is published annually, in late spring. Our scholarship holders hold the highest academic distinctions.


We host events throughout the year, following the theme of the European Forum Alpbach. Our speakers come from industry, research and politics and give insight into the working of Swiss and European top institutions.

European Forum Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach is a non-profit association based in Vienna, Austria. Its main event is the self-titled interdisciplinary international conference which takes place in Alpbach, Austria, every summer since 1945.